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How to Get Laid – Learn How to Get Laid “Secrets”

Posted by Daniel on May 23, 2011

How to Get Laid Using Mind-Reading Tricks

Hi, my name is Daniel and I want to welcome you to my how to get laid site.  Many of you came here looking for a real, genuine way on how to get laid by women.  Well, let me give you a scenario…

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How to get laid with any women you desire?  Picture yourself at a bar, or at a club, a library, at school, hell, even an online dating site.  Imagine you are talking with a HOT girl that you just met.  It’s closing hours for the bar or you guys are parting ways and you would do anything to get laid with this girl, but you don’t know how to pull it off.  So you just don’t say anything, and she leaves with your chance on how to get laid.

Or say you want to know how to get laid with someone you already know.  You’ve been so called “friends” or acquaintances for quite some time and want to take it further and have sex with this girl.  But you don’t know if she feels the same way about you and you don’t even know how to turn her or how to get laid by her.

Well, would if I told you that you can absolutely know how to get laid by almost any girl you want?  Ah, got your interest there didn’t I?

And you can get laid by virtually any girl you want if you know how the female psychology works.  Basically, you need to understand what turns a girl on sexually and what makes her go crazy for you.

How to Get Laid Secrets

It works by understanding some weird and interesting tricks and determining what is going on in her mind.  And there are very effective ways on how to get laid and how to make a girl EXTREMELY horny.  I’m only going to uncover a few tips in this article, but if you want the REAL deep stuff on how to get laid, then make sure to watch this video:

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How to Get Laid

First of all, you need to understand that women are crazy for sex.  Girls LOVE sex, they NEED sex and they actually get more pleasure from sex then men do.

There are many studies and tests that verify this, but you don’t really need much verification.  Just watch how crazy girls go and how much control she loses when she has an orgasm when compared to a guy.  You can use this advantage on how to get laid.  There are also psychological reasons why women love sex as well.

Women find sex to be more exhilarating and adventurous, because men are usually seen more of a “player” the more sex they have, but not with women.  Women tend to be more conscious about sex so with it comes added excitement and rush.  Kind of like doing something restricted for the first time which brings excitement and adrenaline, like drinking for the first time underage.

There are other psychological reasons on women and sex, but the point I want to make is that women love sex and want to have sex, maybe even more than guys.  This is crucial in how to get laid by girls.

Now to get into the good stuff on how to get laid.  You need to know that women have three major emotional and social conflicts in there mind.  What do I mean by conflicts?  Well, let me give you an example.

Say you were to approach an average looking girl.  You are nervous, but aren’t at the point of sweating and shaking.  Now say you were to approach a HOT, smoking girl.  You become extremely nervous.  Basically, the hotter a girl is, the more nervous it makes you to approach that girl.  This is a CONFLICT for men, and just like men, women have conflicts too, just in different context.  This is something you need to know in order to know how to get laid.

Before I go any further, I want you to know that you can’t approach every girl the same way.  Just like not all people are alike, different girls are going to be turn on differently and what works on one girl may not work on another girl.  This is why we will be using these conflicts of a specific girl and use a strategy on how to get laid by her and her only.  Using the same strategy on a different women, might not end up with good results.

how to get laid tips

How to get laid – Three Conflicts of Women

When we combine these three conflicts of women, we get a personality type for a girl, and then we’ll know how to get laid by this girl by implementing the right strategy that will turn her on.

How to Get Laid – Conflict of Time:

Biologically, women want to find the most dominant and highest status man in the group.  So she will go about by filtering out the men she dates and finding the right one.  However, there is pressure from the world to be with a man with a good status.  It is also not looked down on if a women stays single for long.

An example of this could be women becoming “cougars” and being more aggressive in dating, having sex, and going out.  This is because of that conflict of time and her time is starting to run out.

How to Get Laid – Conflict of Sex:

Women want to experience the pleasure of sex and the emotional intimacy sex gives them.  But the conflict here is that having sex or having lots of sex, can be looked down upon by her peers.  Society might see her as a “slut” or a “whore” and so she is aware of this conflict.  Also, she might have experienced emotional trauma of sex in her past which makes her hesitate about having sex.  This is a conflict on how to get laid.

You might see this is true when a girl is REALLY into you and starts to kiss and touch each other, but her guard goes up when you actually start having sex.  She has this conflict that stops her from going all the way.

How to Get Laid – Conflict of Relationship:

Her natural biology tells her that she needs to nurture to family and also develop her feminine self.  The conflict here is that, sometimes society will pressure her to achieve status and develop a career just like a man would.  This would be just in case she can’t find a dominant male that will provide for her and her family.

How to Get Laid – Strategy and Recommendation

Now that we know the three conflicts of the female psychology, we need to develop a strategy on getting to know her conflicts and how to get laid by turning her on.  The strategy, along with much more tricks on how to get laid is described in Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box.  It’ll show you the correct way to “touch” a girl and the questions you can ask that’ll turn her on.  In fact, you can make her EXTREMELY horny by using a simple little “touch.”  Make sure you download what is in my honest opinion, the BEST how to get laid program by going here:

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How to Get Laid – The Basics on How to Get Laid

Posted by Daniel on May 18, 2011

How to Get Laid Intro

Hi, my name is Daniel and I want to welcome you to my how to get laid site.  In my very first post, I will be sharing with you some of the basics on how to get laid by women.  I used to be a virgin until the age of 23 and it wasn’t until I started studying the female psychology that I started to attract many girls in my life.

In order to get laid, you need to understand that women are different from men.  Now, many people will argue that everyone is created equal and we should treat everyone equally.  This is true and I completely agree with this, but could you agree with me that the body shape and structure of a women are different from that of men?

how to get laid

Yes women and men are physically different, which make them biologically different as well.  For example, the human brain has two hemispheres; a right and a left side.  And in between is a membrane and this is actually a key component of the brain itself.  Women have a much thicker and more connected membrane, while men have a thinner and less connected membrane.  Keep this in mind to learn how to get laid.

This shows that the brain of the male and female are completely different, which makes their psychology and thinking different as well.  So basically on how to get laid, what women look for in guys as their mate is very different from what guys think women want.  But I’m sure you don’t want to hear all the scientific or biological explanations on how women think so, I’ll just get to the good part.  So how to get laid by knowing this?

You must be thinking, “yeah, yeah.  That’s all good stuff and all, but what does this have to do with how to get laid?”

Female Psychology of How to Get Laid

You can use the female psychology to your advantage and learn how to get laid.  And your ability on how to get laid does not rely on the many common misconceptions guys have about turning on women.  You DO NOT need looks, money, height, muscular body, a six pack, a nice car, etc, etc.  Although, these things are a plus, it is not the deciding factor on how to get laid.  The most IMPORTANT thing a guy needs to get laid, is: CHARACTER.

Personality, charisma, charm and most of all confidence.  These are the main things that TURN women ON and without them you will not be able to get laid by a girl.  That’s why many times you will see a guy surrounded by girls when he does not seem to be the best looking guy in the room, or the richest guy in the room.

It’s really not a mystery.  All you need to have is personality and most of that is confidence.  This does not mean to be cocky however.  You don’t want to be seen as a pompous,arrogant jerk, but you want to be seen as though you aren’t nervous.  You need to be comfortable around women.  This will also ease up the tension the girl has and so she’ll feel comfortable herself.  It’ll be easier to learn how to get laid this way.

And also you need to be the dominant guy in the room for you how to get laid.  What I mean by that is you want to be the fellow that can provide things for the girl.  I don’t mean material things or buying her stuff, but that can provide her in terms of relationship, romance, making her feel appreciated, complimenting her, and the confidence to be her man and maybe in the future to provide for the family.  The girls may not say this, or they might not even know it, but studies have shown that the dominating male in the room will typically get the girl.

Again, this is where confidence comes in.  You need the confidence to show her a good time, to provide for her, to pleasure her, to turn her on and maybe even have the confidence in bed and on how to get laid.

So in order to know how to get laid, you need to be the dominant guy in the group.  Women are “genetically” programed to be attracted to ONE dominant male of a group and to mate with that guy.  But this is just one guy per group and she could be involved in several social groups.  But the important thing here is, whatever group you are in, you need to stand out and be the dominant male and so confidence is extremely important in how to get laid.

This however, does not apply to EVERY girl, as I will explain in a later post.  It does help, though to be the one guy that stands out among the rest.

How to Get Laid – Recommendation

I have read many books on how to get laid in the past, but most of them are just crap.  There are few that were good but the one that I generally like and have used a lot is called Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box.  It has helped me tremendously with getting laid and helped me achieve a different level of “game.”  In fact, most of the information of how to get laid on this site has come from Pandoras Box program itself.  Be sure to check it out here:

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